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Purchasing a used coil winding machine instead of a new modelcan save money, but you still need to be very wary.  If you are not careful there are plenty of unscrupulous people around who are willing to provide you with defective equipment in order for them to make a quick profit off you.

So how does one go about buying a used coil winding machine that won’t end up costing you considerably more in the future?  Below we offer some tips that you may find very useful along with the kinds of places to look for what you need.

Unfortunately when it comes to purchasing used machines you are not always sure of how well the items have been maintained.  Certainly if the company is a reputable one then it should provide a complete dossier of everything relating to the upkeep of the machinery such as dates when the machine was serviced or repaired.  Plus of course a list of any parts of the machine that needed replacing.

Although the work that these machines carryout does not seem highly stressful if not properly cared for then of course damage can be caused to many parts that cannot be seen.  If you can, arrange for someone to inspect the machine prior to purchase to ensure that everything is in good working order.  If you cannot arrange for an inspection then it would be far better not to consider purchasing the product.

It is important that when buying a coil winding machine that has been used before that you are a bit more flexible with the kinds of features that the item you want comes with, as many, but not all, used ones are discontinued models and the manufacturers have stopped providing support for them.  Sometimes you may have to choose to purchase a product that doesn’t meet your particular requirements exactly, but allows you to make modifications where necessary.

Another thing you need to take into consideration when it comes to the purchasing of used coil winding machines is that you will have to pay for it almost straightaway.  However, in some cases the seller may be willing to take a small deposit before they or you then arrange for the goods to be delivered to you. But you also need to be aware that should some else come along that is able to offer the full value of the item up front to the seller they may then decide to sell it to them rather than you.  So it may be advisable that immediately you have paid your deposit or agreed to purchase the item from the seller that you get written confirmation that the sale has been accepted.  If they are unwilling to offer such an agreement then look elsewhere to purchase the coil winding machine that you need. Buying new, direct from a larger and well known source, you often will have the option of making paying in installments.

As already mentioned it is a good idea before you actually purchase any kind of used coil winding machine that an inspection is carried out.  This is what will help you to determine if the equipment you are buying will run for some time to come or will have to replaced shortly after the purchase is made.

When you or someone you trusts carries out an inspection of the equipment there are certain things that you should be looking at closely.  Below we take a look at just what some of these factors are.

1- When you look at the exterior of the machine have you noticed that there is some paint covering over part of the machines decal.  If there is then this may have been used as a way to make the machine look better, but also to cover up some problem.

2 – Take a close look to see if the serial number on the machine has been tampered with at all.  If you are at all concerned about this aspect of the machinery then ask the seller to provide you with proof of ownership.  If they are unwilling or cannot provide such evidence to you then of course look elsewhere to purchase your used coil winding machine from.

3 – Has the machine recently been cleaned prior to you coming to inspect it.  Although this may be a sign that the company takes proper care of the equipment they use it may be a sign that they are trying to hide any potential problems with it.  To determine if there are any real problems look to see if there any leaks or where the paint looks much fresher than on other parts because the build up of grime has now been removed.

4 – What kind of sales pitch is the seller giving you.  Are they just trying to sell you the item or are they interested in telling you about every aspect of the machine.  Again those that are willing to divulge more are the ones that have taken far better care of the equipment so the chances of it lasting for you for many years to come is greatly increased.

5 – You should actually arrange to see the coil winding machine functioning.  However, make sure that you are there before they begin starting the machine up as well as when it is carrying out the task that it is designed to carry out.  This way you can immediately detect any problems relating to it starting up along with then winding the wires on to the coil   If you are at all concerned that the machine is not running at the levels you want then of course you should avoid purchase the equipment.

Above we have offered a number of tips on what to look for when it comes to purchasing any kind of used coil winding machine.  The more you know about the particular make and model of machine you are considering purchasing then of course the more likely you are able to identify any problems that it may have.  So it is worthwhile spending time reading as many reviews and specifications on the machine in question before you purchase it.

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